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Additional Products and Services

Experience of working with families has shown us very clearly that they each need different things when preparing a final goodbye.

We realised that providing funeral packages would inevitably mean that many people would be paying for things they didn’t need. We decided therefore to put in place a basic fee, and then to help people to choose the additional products and services they would need to create that truly unique and personal farewell.

We also want to be able to deliver as much choice as possible. Our approach is to source products and services from a wide range of suppliers – not restrict choice to what we have decided to offer.

We want to be able to provide examples however of what’s available, so on this website you will find a small selection of products that we can provide. But please don’t feel constrained by this list – we can look to source anything you would like.

Below you’ll find details of the main products and services that we can offer on top of the services we provide within our basic fee. If there is something that you would like help with and it’s not listed here, then please do not hesitate to ask.

Prices are provided where possible on our price list.

Taking care of the person who has died at home

Bringing the person who has died home before the funeral

Spending time with the person who has died at a chapel of rest

Out of hours collection

Venue research

Creative memorial research and planning

Coffin decorating

Order of Service design and print

Black  hearse

Black limousine

White hearse

White limousine

VW campervan hearse

Vintage Morris Minor Traveller hearse

Motorcycle sidecar hearse

Dodge Ram pickup hearse

Horse and carriages (traditional and non-traditional)

These are just a few of the options available


Dual location funeral




If you have a desire to seek out a unique coffin that speaks volumes about the person who has died, then we will take up the challenge. In our business we don’t just use one supplier, we partner with many to ensure you have the choice that you need. The following links show a small sample of the coffins and urns that we can provide



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