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How We Work

How we work at A Natural Undertaking

Our support begins as soon as you request our services, and it’s not just related to arranging the funeral; taking good care of the body of the person who has died, and ensuring family and friends are involved as much as they want to be are important elements of our support.

Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 13.38.34Every undertaking we commit to is unique; we give as much or as little help as you need. Here’s an overview of how we commonly work:

Meet & Discuss

We meet, wherever works best, to discuss your needs and wishes, providing ideas if required, about the kind of ceremony you might want. We’ll help you complete the appropriate paperwork and we’ll give you an estimate of the complete cost at this point.

Collection & Care of the body

Once you have confirmed that you wish us to undertake on your behalf we will collect the person who has died. In the case of a direct cremation we would take them directly to the crematorium.

We prefer not to embalm or undertake any other invasive procedure unnecessarily, so the most we will do is gently wash and dress the person who has died, leaving them in their natural state, ready for you to visit should you so wish.

If you wish to visit we can arrange for this to take place: we just need to know that you would like us to arrange this. We’re more than happy to collect you and take you there.


During this period it’s important for us to keep in contact with each other. You may find you change your mind about certain things once you’ve had time to think, we understand, and will always let you know beforehand if there are any deadlines for decisions that can’t be changed. Most of the time however we can remain flexible to help achieve whatever you need.

The Ceremony

Once we’ve confirmed the requirements we can publish a page on our website sharing the details of the funeral and any other relevant information. This is an easy way for your guests to find out all they need to know about the funeral or memorial.

If you would like a celebrant or minister to lead a ceremony you would meet with them to discuss your wishes and share thoughts and memories of the person who has died.

The Funeral

On the day of the funeral we will take the person who has died in our car to the crematorium or burial ground, incorporating any other wishes in relation to the cremation, burial and ceremony as we may have agreed.


In the case of a cremation we will deliver the ashes back to you at a convenient time or scatter them as per your wishes.

All of this can be tailored to your needs

Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 13.38.34You might request a direct cremation, but you might like to wash and dress the person at home, or just have them stay at home one more time before we take them to the crematorium or place of burial.

Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 13.38.34You might like to choose a particular style of coffin and arrange some time decorating it with friends and family.

swirl flower imageYou might like to arrange for different transport; a traditional hearse, or VW camper van for example instead of our own transport.

swirl flower imageYou might like to lead the ceremony yourself.

swirl flower imageYou might like to arrange for a memorial website.

swirl flower imageAnd so on….