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If you prefer to have a coffin other than the oak veneer, plain cardboard, Paulownia or shroud which are included in our Simple Funeral fee, then this is no problem. Below is a selection of some of the coffins that we can provide – if your choice of coffin is out of stock, we will do our best to find a similar alternative for you.  Of course, you’re perfectly free to provide your own, we do charge a coffin handling fee. The coffin handling fee ensures that the coffin is fit for purpose, and that we can receive the coffin and get rid of the packaging.

Some outsize coffins may cost a little more.

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Plain Cardboard

For a simple and eco funeral. 100% natural and biodegradable, the perfect canvas for artwork, photos or just flowers.

Available in white or extra long with a £40 supplement.  Suitable for cremation or burial.



A simple untreated coffin with rope handles made from Paulownia, a lightweight but proportionately strong wood. It is one of the fastest growing trees in the world, so is a highly sustainable and renewable material ideal for coffins. 

Can be used for burial or cremation. 


Oak Veneer

Traditional shape unvarnished light oak veneer coffin with wooden handles. Can also be varnished and have wooden, gold or silver plastic handles.

Can be used for burial or cremation

Matching wooden nameplate can be included for an additional £25 


Printed Cardboard

For a personal and colourful funeral.

Made in the UK from 100% recycled  paper, using eco-inks, these come in a huge range of designs, or you can supply your own pictures or designs. 

Suitable for cremation or burial.


Earthcare Cardboard

Earthcare cardboard

Made from a groundbreaking material, Enviroboard, offers lightness & strength.

This coffin produces up to 87% less greenhouse gas emissions than MDF. Available in a range of colours & designs.

Handles are made from beech, and can be painted.

£365 natural, £395 colour, £445 design

Oak Effect Cardboard

Oak panelled cardboard coffin with rope

Made using premium recycled cardboard, these coffins are an alternative to the traditional MDF coffin, providing a high quality, sustainable choice for the environmentally conscious.

Also in mahogany effect.

£395 (£120 extra if  over 6’2”)


Shroud for a funeral

For a simple and eco funeral. 100% natural and biodegradable. Made of bamboo fibre, the shroud is tied around the body and rests on a solid base.

Suitable for burial and accepted at some crematoria. 



An environmentally friendly coffin offering a comforting and soft alternative. Made in Yorkshire using pure new wool, supported on a strong recycled cardboard frame.  Suitable for burial or cremation.  Also available in Grey for an additional £50


Handmade Felt Cocoon

A contemporary take on the old tradition of burial in wool. The award winning leafcocoon is a unique and well accepted alternative to conventional coffins. Handmade in Dartmoor using 100% natural materials and natural dyes. (Burial only)

 From £975

Eco2 Round

Kingston round coffin

Made from willow hand woven, using traditional methods, around a solid interior construction. The Kingsted features a decoratively plaited willow edge to the lid, rope handles and discreet lid fixings. Fully lined, it is suitable for burial or cremation.


Simple Willow – Colour

This attractive oval wicker coffin is available in purple, pink, red, yellow or blue. It is also available in natural wicker with dark band as per second picture above. 
Fully lined, it is suitable for burial or cremation.


Willow (with oval option)

Choose from either a traditional (Highsted) or round ended (Cromer) coffin in willow for a lovely natural look. Suitable for cremation or burial, these coffins are are 100% natural and biodegradable.

 From £645

Woven Bamboo

Woven bamboo coffin

Handmade using fine strips of dried bamboo, the weave is interlaced to form an attractive wicker matt that is then woven around a strong natural frame. Available in traditional and oval shape.

Suitable for cremation or burial


Teardrop Bamboo

Bamboo teardrop coffin

A softly curving shape, handwoven in beautiful natural bamboo.

Suitable for burial or cremation




White Cane

oval white cane coffin

Sometimes referred to as wicker or rattan, these cane coffins are of an off-white appearance. Harvested from forests in South East Asia and growing as much as six meters per year it makes a great renewable material.

Available in round or traditional shape.


Banana Leaf

The leaves of the banana plant are woven around a natural Rattan frame. These are substantial, lightweight and golden coloured with strong rope handles.

Traditional or Oval shaped.


Somerset Willow

Using willow grown in Somerset and handwoven by skilled basket makers. Willow coffins can be personalised with a beautiful selection of coloured banding and handles upon the family’s request. Gold, Buff or White. Traditional or oval.

Plain £775, with coloured bands £825

Rainbow Somerset Willow

Rainbow Somerset Willow coffin

Traditional rainbow willow coffin, featuring tapered square ends, beautifully plaited edging and natural handwoven willow handles reflecting a life full of colour and creativity.

Suitable for burial or cremation


English Willow (green)

100% natural and biodegradable this coffin also comes in brown and cream: traditional shape or with round ends.

Grown on the Somerset levels the colours are achieved by boiling and stripping the bark.


The Wicker

The wicker coffin

Rustic bands of natural rattan are woven together to create this beautiful wicker coffin.

Each coffin is made by hand using traditional weaving techniques from rattan harvested from the forests of South East Asia.


Willow Ecopod

These have an unusual but really lovely soft shape, made from environmentally friendly willow. Supplied by Ecoffins- accredited members of the World Fair Trade Organisation. Suitable for burial or cremation. Available in Brown or White


Pathway Bespoke

bespoke picture coffin

This natural wood, biodegradable coffin allows for a truly unique and personalised send off with each person designing their own section, plus space on the top for people to write their own message on the day.

Suitable for cremation or burial

From £745

Solid Pine

A beautifully simple,  solid pine coffin with matching pine handles. Quality, environmentally friendly coffins, manufactured from FSC certified wood.


Rope handles available if required.


Oval Walnut

oval walnut veneer coffin

Handmade English coffin with a walnut veneer and solid maple load-bearing bar handles. Comes with a keepsake butterfly and book to personalise with your own message or poem.

Water based lacquer. Suitable for cremation or burial 


Feet First Solid Coffin

solid wood coffin

The ‘Feet First’ wooden coffin – these hand built custom coffins are made of solid pinewood and are fully biodegradable.  Each one is handcrafted for the individual and can come in different shapes. They are constructed using a peg and dowell system – no synthetic materials or glues.  

 From £600 plus delivery

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