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BrumYODO –

BrumYODO is a local Community Interest Company set up with the aim of helping the people of Birmingham have more open and honest conversations about Death and Dying

Lack of openness and willingness to talk about death and dying has affected the quality and range of support and care services available to people who are coming to the end of their lives, including the ability to die where or how we would wish.

We’re part of a national and international social movement which believes there is such a thing as a Good Death.

Our focus is to empower our community to demand better. The people of Birmingham certainly deserve this.


Festivals and Events

Since 2015 as part of BrumYODO we have been putting on events and hosting Death Cafes.

Our award winning festival, A Matter of Life and Death has helped to raise important topics around death and dying in a creative and social manner; from workshops, plays and bus trips to burial grounds to debates and art exhibitions, we’re always keen to help people approach the subject of death and dying in a comfortable and sensitive way.

For more information about the festival and how you can get involved visit the BrumYODO website

The video below, taken from our 2017 festival illustrates well the kinds of events we put on and the results we aim to achieve.

We run other events through the year, so keep checking back on the BrumYODO website for information.

If you’d like to join BrumYODO it’s easy – simply sign up to our email list and follow us on social media – #LifeDeathBrum

or email us at:

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