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Our Funerals

At A Natural Undertaking we want to help you ensure that those moments between death and memorial feel completely right for you, and at the same time don’t cost you more than is absolutely necessary.

With our support you can expect to create a meaningful and relevant farewell, something you can be proud of; whether it’s a simple, modest reflection or a vibrant celebration to reflect the life of the person you once knew.

Often when a person dies, their final moments of care, their resting place and their funeral or memorial are entrusted to strangers to plan and carry out. These activities are mostly carried out according to conventions and models that have built up over the years and which follow a fairly standard format and method of delivery.

funeral processionBut what if these traditions don’t accurately reflect the person who died? What if the people left behind want greater involvement in their relative or friend’s final send-off? What if it could just be done differently?

Well it can. You can.
There are some rules.
But not many.

Individual and Unique Funerals

Since we set up in 2014 we’ve helped many families to create the kinds of send-off that they felt was right and appropriate.

A funeral for an adventurer

The photographs below show the preparations and funeral of a vibrant lady: an adventurer and lover of sport. Her son was keen to ensure that her coffin was covered in pictures of all her favourite things. We spent time helping him and his son to decorate the coffin whilst he shared wonderful stories about her life.

decoarting-the-coffin_-A-Natural-Undertakingfavourite-things the service

A funeral for a keen gardner

When we first spoke with this lady’s daughter and son it was at her house. We looked at the garden and all agreed that she needed to come home before making the journey to the crematorium. Her garden was her pride and joy and it was only right that her wicker coffin should be covered in a garland made by her family from her own flowers. When we arrived there was a large number of friends and family there to sing the very same lullaby that she used to sing to her children. It was a truly magical moment.

garden funeral garden funeral garden funeral


It is mostly a time of pure sorrow and there is nothing that can change this. But one thing we know and believe, is that by involving family and friends, providing information to make the right choices, and inspiring friends and relatives to creatively celebrate the life of their loved one, we will be helping people in the best way possible to live through their grief successfully.

A big thank you to the families above for allowing us to share their stories.

Whichever type of funeral you choose we’ll make sure you understand exactly what is or isn’t possible, we’ll support your participation in whatever way feels comfortable, and we’ll help to ensure that those last days are both meaningful and memorable.

Read some reviews to see how people feel about the work we do.

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