Arrangements for the funeral of Iain Davies


Fabienne Wright

Friday 5th March 2021 1pm

Iain’s family will be holding a ceremony on 5th March at 1pm, to say goodbye to him.

Sadly due to the current coronavirus pandemic, funerals are being limited, so the services are by invite only.

A live webcast of the crematorium service however will be available for those people who are unable to attend.

To access the webcast follow the link to the Obitus website and input the username and password details below.

Username: Xema3071

Password: 251364

You can login to the Obitus website at any time to view a test connection (and we strongly recommend you do this) but you’ll only be able to view the Live Webcast between approx and 1.30pm on Friday 5th March.

Digital Order of Service

You can download a digital order of service here: Iain Davies Order of Service


Family flowers only please. If you would like to make a donation in Iain’s memory, the family would like you to donate to Birmingham Conservation Trust (where Iain was a director) and MAC Makes Music. You can do this via Justgiving here:

Please share this page with anyone you feel should be aware of Iain’s funeral.

Iain’s family welcome any tributes, words of remembrance and stories about him so do feel free to leave any messages at the bottom of this webpage. (Please note comments are moderated so do not go live immediately)

Iain’s daughters have also set up an open, collaborative spotify playlist for friends to add songs they remember with Iain on Spotify

In the meantime, please enjoy the short slideshow of Iain below.

Iain's slideshow


  1. Penny Dougan nee Ross

    Iain was just a lovely guy we had such fun when we were young he was such a good friend I remember we both loved The Smiths and he actually met Debra through me! No one had a bad word to say about Iain and I’m so sad he didn’t get to have a long and happy retirement which he deserved. My condolences to his girls who I know did him proud and looked after him so wonderfully.

  2. Christine Bennett

    Hello ,
    I’m Christine Bennett and was a friend of Iain when we were at school and when he was at Uni.
    I’m so sad to hear of his illness and passing and send my love to the family.
    Iain and I were girlfriend and boyfriend in 6th form and used to sit together in church at Sutton Baptist.
    I remember him being very kind and a good friend .
    We lost touch through the years, which I feel sad about now.
    I remember we used to go to his parents home and have cottage pie on a Saturday lunchtime!
    I have very fond memories of our times together and wish the family love and gentleness and time to heal together

  3. Mark Lyndon

    Fond memories of Iain: walking to school – Vesey – and discussing many subjects. He captained the Vesey Ruby 3rds and was most diplomatic. We met up in London when he was continuing with his legal studies and enjoyed the occasional beverage. I remember two holidays one skiing in France, badly, and a summer holiday in Greece. Iain was a great talker and debater but was never argumentative, just a great guy to spend time with.

  4. Phil Ayres

    Iain was one of my best friends. Suffice to say he was my Best Man and Godfather to my daughter. We spent ages together and with others listening to music, exchanging views on pretty much everything and having fun. Sutton Baptist church was a big part of that while at school but it was post-school when we seemed to spend loads of time together. He bought my brother-in-law’s red VW golf in 1990 but we lost touch a bit after that until the mid noughties. Then, together with Carl Jones, Mark Crowe, Tim Cooper, Harry Langford and Al Jackson, we started to meet up on walking trips and it was just like it used to be – my confidant-in-chief, my calm companion, my dear dear friend. During that time Iain and I also re-kindled our friendship with Jon Fawdry and Graham Blower; seeing Iain’s band play in York and then spending the rest of the evening together (a bit more beer was drunk than in our younger days!). And I stayed in pretty close contact then until the end. I hope I managed to help a bit. It was so frustrating not to be able to visit. I’ll miss you, Iain; often. We’ll chat when we can. God bless you.

  5. Mrs Wendy Bristow

    I first met Iain thirty years ago when I lived in B’ham .. Iain and Debra (his wife at the time) became firm friends.

    Throughout the many enjoyable conversations I had with Iain while in B’ham and during their regular visits to Brixham when they owned a holiday let there, as well as a holiday meet up in France, to name a few, it always struck me how calm and considered Iain was, never brash, always remaining so exceptionally gentle and focused in spirit even in the chaos and confusion that life, without fail, always brings.

    He was a true shining light as even in the most intense of conversations, those glistening feathers were never ruffled.

    So sad to have seen nothing of him for too long but I gather he was still cycling til only a few months ago! That is a testament to his character, to keep striving, focusing on what’s ahead, still steady and strong even against the wind.

    Not unsurprisingly, he did not want to make a big song or dance of his parting from the world but his gentle song and his less gentle ‘rock’ music lives on to those he met and the lives he touched. Bon voyage Iain until we get to meet again 🙏

    Sending our love to Georgia, Margot and to all those you loved and leave behind for now…

    Wendy (and Chris)

  6. Tim Cooper

    Iain and I met when we were both in the junior cross-country team at Bishop Vesey’s. We bonded as teenagers over a mutual love of rock music and when he was about fifteen I showed him how to play chords on my guitar. Much more dedicated than me – at everything! – Iain soon became a much better player and in 1980 we formed a band together with fellow-Veseyan Mark Rogers on drums (originally called The O Zone, and later, The Famous Five). Some of my fondest, and most formative, memories are from 1980 to 1984 when me and Iain were writing songs together (often in his room at High Hall, Birmingham University) and the three of us were gigging at venues around Birmingham.

    Iain and I stayed in touch when I went back to university in the mid 80s and I introduced him to a whole new generation of younger ‘fans’ (!) and we briefly formed a band together again from 1988 to 1990 (Out to Lunch). Like others, I lost touch a bit after Iain’s girls were small, but was so glad when Phil started bringing us school friends together every other year for a meet in the Peak District from 2005. In 2001 Iain and Mark Crowe had joined me for a Peak District ramble to mark my 40th and that weekend, when I had far too much to drink and had to be got from the middle of a stone circle back to the tent four miles away, Iain was everything that he had been to me when we were younger – loyal, supportive, understanding, and just a damned good friend. Iain – “Our lives are of a dream” xx

    • Mike Owen

      As one of those ‘younger fans’ Tim refers to I was privileged to meet Iain and get to know him in the late eighties/early nineties, he was a talented, sharp, kind and lovely bloke who even put up with me renting a room in his house for a few months. It was whilst lodging with Iain that I brought home my brand new, jut released vinyl copy of De La Soul’s debut album 3 Feet High & Rising, and was given permission to play it on Iain’s (classy, naturally) hi fi system. It was then that I discovered what a great group Steely Dan were, as Iain identified every sample and dug out the originals from his own music collection. His generosity and good humour will be greatly missed, and his memory will always be one to treasure. Talking Heads sang that “the band in Heaven, they play my favourite song”, and now I know the guitarist. Condolences and much love, Mike Owen

      • Margot Sprague-Davies

        Dad gave me a copy of three feet high and rising when I was maybe 11 or 12 and it’s always been one of my favourites that we listed to together ALL the time. Thank you for introducing him!

  7. Chris Lyndon

    Iain came to my wedding in the Netherlands in 1992 and sang John Martin’s ‘May you never’ at the party. Last March I saw XOM and Iain sang the lead on ‘Wish you were here…….

  8. Angela

    To have loved and been loved

    An ode to Iain

    We had good times, I have those memories for all time

    I’m sorry it ended as it did and I never got to say so

    I hope wherever you are in your spiritual realm you are happy, free from suffering and at peace

    My heart is heavy but I know it will lighten in good time

    Good bye Iain, I loved you

    C’est la vie, no regrets

    Angela xx

  9. Jonathan and Sue Fawdry

    Iain and I were in the same form at Vesey up until 6th form, played a bit of rugby together and I remember going to a gig at Birmingham Uni with him, when we were 18 or so. He was studying there but commuting in and had not been to any of the student events before then but made a career of it subsequently!

    Sue also knew him through Sutton Baptist as there was a big group of us who used to attend, along with Graham, Dawn and Phil. We lost touch over the next few years but it was a great pleasure to meet up with him in York about 10 years ago. I valued his friendship as a teenager and can picture him standing in my parents’ house munching our way through mum’s biscuit supply. He was taken far too soon, but we send our love and prayers to his daughters and family.

  10. David Healey

    Deeply sorry to hear of Ian’s death. I was at school, university and church with him. A good friend, though we have not spoken for many years. Assuring the family of my thoughts and prayers.

  11. Victoria Garrad

    I first met Iain whilst undertaking a week’s work experience at Gateley in about 1992 – he was welcoming, supportive and I remember being amazed at the rate at which he could dictate his work! I later joined the firm as a trainee solicitor and Iain has been a colleague for over 23 years. He was a “Gateley lifer” and had many friends at Gateley, he was respected and liked universally across the business. Dependable, friendly with a great sense of humour, he was part of the Gateley family for over 37 years – now that is loyalty! He will be greatly missed by many. He was taken far too early and we are all thinking of Margot and Beulah and all his family and friends at this very sad time.

  12. James Gopsill

    I worked with Iain at Gateley. What a lovely colleague to work with. Our paths crossed whenever I had a need for landlord and tenant law (in which he was an expert) and he helped me out when my local church needed that sort of advice. He gave sound advice to me. You can only think of Iain smiling. I can still hear his laugh ! It was an irony that he was one of the longest serving lawyers in the firm when he became ill – yet one of the youngest looking and youngest at heart ! I could never believe he was more than 35 ! We will miss him. I’m very glad to have known him.

  13. David Davies

    My younger brother Iain was on occasions, mistakenly taken to be my son!

    This was a cause of mirth and strife.

    Such was his youthful outlook on life.

    Now, taken from us far too soon, he will be in my memory…… forever…… young.

  14. michael ward

    Iain Davies was at Gateley Wareing & Co when I arrived in 1987 and have many enjoyable memories both during work, out of office parties, conferences ,Spotted Dog in Digbeth and the occasional football matches. I got him to play guitar to entertain the office a few times always enjoyable occasions. Whilst he was my go to lawyer for Landlord and Tenant matters in the early days I always involved him in any recording contract deals clients needed help with-this was more of a vocation for Iain but he would always help the aspiring musician. He was a great guy who will be sadly missed.My thoughts are with Margot and Beulah at this sad time.

  15. Rebecca Sherwin

    I worked with Iain at Gateley. He was an expert in his field and a great colleague. As a fellow redhead, I always joked with him that he looked so young and I enjoyed having a drink with him and witness his love of music (and some dancing too). I was fortunate to have been able to visit Iain at his home after his diagnosis and chat to him about his love of food and wine and how incredibly proud he was of Georgia and Margot. I will miss him.

  16. Ruth Armstrong

    Iain was already a veteran at Gateley when I joined 25 years ago and he was so welcoming and such good fun. A real party animal. He remained a huge personality throughout the years, a talented lawyer and always true to himself. He played life with a straight bat, where his integrity and individual style were always a given.

    A lovely human and great musician. But what I will miss the most is Iain’s sense of humour. Dry, witty and delivered with such an infectious booming laugh that he always left you feeling happier than when he arrived.

    He will be much missed by all who knew him and I am glad to have been one.

  17. Andrew Madden

    Iain has been a fixture throughout my 25 years at Gateley and we shared much laughter in that time. I will remember him fondly as supportive, friendly and kind and always generous with his time. He was a great colleague, a real team player and always the coolest lawyer in the room. Iain was much loved and will be sadly missed.

  18. Adam Cole

    I first met Iain through work. He was a precise and determined lawyer and very good at what he did. We became friends and then I saw the other side of the man. He loved music, good food and ample amounts of booze! Great company and a great dry sense of humour. I will miss you in both work and play modes.

  19. Andrew Mellor

    I worked with Iain for 9 years at Gateley. He was a great colleague; always happy to help and always direct and clear in his views and advice. At work events he was a person who others would naturally seek out; he was super company who could see the comedy or irony in any situation. Outside work, my wife and I always enjoyed bumping into him at gigs – usually at the Road House or the Bear Tavern. It’s so sad to hear of his premature death; my condolences to his family.

  20. Neil Handel

    Iain began his training at Gateleys a year after I did back in the early 1980s when we still called ourselves articled clerks! He was a committed and meticulous lawyer and a Gateleys man through and through but was wise enough not to allow his dedication to his clients and the firm to overwhelm his two other passions in life, namely his family and his music. Iain always managed to find time to share his expertise with his colleagues and I recall fondly many hours spent over the years discussing with him abstruse points of real estate law. It was an honour and a pleasure to have known and worked with him.
    May he rest in peace.

  21. Mark Rogers

    As Tim Cooper said, we all met at Bishop Vesey’s grammar school in 1973 and ran for the school cross country team. Running up Sandy Hill in Sutton Park on a dark freezing November night was not much fun and probably would not be allowed now! Neither would the grimy communal bath when we all got back! The most iconic years were from 1979 to 1984 playing in the band. We thought we could take on the world and they were the most joyous timesIt was provocative, thoughtful and exciting. Iain’s virtuosity and coolness was a shining beacon for us all to follow. Those years defined our life and lifestyles and were an incredible lifestage for us all.Iain excelled in his belief and commitment to every cause he followed and perhaps most importantly was genuine and incredibly talented.

  22. Marcel Woodhouse

    I was introduced to Iain through mutual friends over 30 years ago, he became a very dear friend and for more than twenty years Iain had the misfortune of becoming my go to man at Gateley’s, year in year out I sought him out, never fazed by my initial panic, always rational, he was such a very generous soul who took great personal care to assist me with his natural calmness.
    We became dining buddies over the years, shared many happy moments discussing some of his favourite subjects, music, French wines, European history to name a few, his wonderful character and intelligence was appreciated by all that came into contact with him , he was a true gentleman.
    Lucky to have shared a fabulous evening last summer drinking far too much wine with his friend Keith and we lunched together in October parting without dwelling on the future which was typical of him.
    Iain will be sorely missed but never forgotten.

  23. Penny Roberts

    I lived at Iain’s place in Selly Oak when I was a postgraduate between 1989-90. I have fond memories of those years and will not forget Iain’s friendship and generosity. Our social lives revolved around music, but, despite his best efforts, Iain never managed to persuade me of the attractions of progressive rock…

  24. Mark Wilson

    So sad for the loss. Iain always looked so young and healthy. A lovely guy who had time for everyone with a wry sense of humour and a smile. My condolences to the family, we will miss you Iain. Mark Wilson.

  25. Diane Glass

    I am very sad that I never got to meet Iain but, as the mother of Margot’s boyfriend Hugo, I see her shining devotion and respect for him every time his name is mentioned, and it’s a beautiful thing. He obviously had the most wonderful group of friends and I am sure that this, coupled with the completely devoted care Beulah and Margot have given him over these so difficult months, will have made him happy and very proud. Margot and Beulah are a real credit to someone who was clearly a wonderful Dad and human being. I missed out, Iain. RIP

  26. Hayley

    Such a beautiful person …,

    And a great musician.

    Blessed to have known you.

  27. Fuzz Townshend

    Iain, I’m so sorry to see you go, dear friend.
    Yours was always a smiling face, in good times and less so.
    Your comradeship in musical endeavours was a privilege I cherished.
    A pint with you in the pub was often loud, but always fun.
    You were the best of spirits, gone far too soon and a loss to so very many.
    You are missed.

  28. John Cutts

    Iain was a proud dad and he was a real Major Tom!

    We jammed on acoustics and he once recorded some of his great blues guitar on a song I’d written which is now a valuable keepsake. Safe passage-planet earth is blue…..

  29. Steve Pritchard

    I have very happy memories of Iain in Sutton – parties, curry nights, music and a few beers. Iain was always cheerful, effusive and a pleasure to be around. We enjoyed many debates on philosophical and moral issues and I remember with great fondness his irrepressible personal warmth when we had different perspectives! And because music is such a defining feature of all our lives, I really enjoyed Iain’s abundant love of music. Bless you Iain. You are missed.

  30. Bob Cotterill

    Iain was such a lovely guy,so much fun to be with and so knowledgeable on many subjects.He was a great guitarist and a great bandmate,so much finesse and taste.Simply a wonderful man,it was a privilege to have him as friend. My heart and love goes out to Georgia and Margot XX

  31. Brendan McGeever

    Iain was a trainee at Gateley Wareing when I first joined the firm in 1984. Always smiling, always happy. He became part of the furniture, and there he and I remained, until illness very sadly curtailed his time with the firm. I visited Iain at home in Kings Heath right up until lockdown. His courage and stoicism will be my lasting memory of a lovely man who will be sadly missed by all of us at Gateley. My condolences go to both Margot and Beulah who he spoke a lot about and of whom he was immensely proud.

  32. Margot Sprague-Davies

    My Dad was a very particular man.

    Anything he bought was researched for months or weeks in advance.

    In my memory, he took about 8 years to choose what colour to paint a single room in his house.

    He exclusively liked music with guitars in; going back to the same man, Mikey, in the same shop to buy most of his collection.

    He specifically strived for a completely comprehensive knowledge of the Napoleonic history and couldn’t let War and Peace pass in conversation without pulling up clips of the BBC series to demonstrate the accuracy of the uniforms.

    For a few years I remember him only ever drinking or talking about Entre Deux Mers, where he’d happily have gone on holiday every year for his whole life.

    Everything he did, he did with intention, and kindness, so it makes sense that he surrounded himself with the finest of people, many of whom have helped enormously over the last few months and years.

    Dad’s lifelong love affair was with music. My sister and I have tried to represent the breadth of his interest in the songs we’d like to listen to today: first with a song he wrote and recorded with members of Snowbound, here today; secondly a track by Mickey Greaney, a long time friend of Dad’s whose music, and Dad’s versions of it, were the soundtrack to our childhood; May You Never which I know many of us remember Dad’s wonderful renditions of; and finally some proper prog rock by Gentle Giant. We hope that these songs that brought him joy, will bring you good memories of our dad. My Sister, Beulah’s, also chosen a beautiful poem that you can read in the order of service.

    Thank you so much for being here with us to celebrate and commemorate him.


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