DeathCafe menuWhat better place to host a Death Café than Birmingham’s newest heritage attraction The Coffin Works?

We gathered to talk about all aspects of death and dying on a cold Sunday afternoon.

We ate cakes, drank tea and laughed. Yes laughed! It’s always lovely to hear so much laughter happening at a Death Café.

Some people were returning to Death Café, others were new. All were completely engaged and ready to chat. We had a menu on hand if conversation slowed, but it wasn’t really necessary. Once people start talking they don’t want to stop!


As ever, I will hand over to our lovely particpants to reflect on the day.

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  • “A welcome opportunity to hear other people’s thoughts and ideas- really interesting to share views with people who are open to talking about death. (And the cakes were good!)”
  • “People were friendly and easy to talk to. I’d like to come again.”
  • “Made me think about my own funeral.”
  • “The guidelines were good.”
  • “Could not be improved!.”
  • “Interesting discussions and some interesting insights into some of the quandaries we face in death- especially some of the practical aspects of it.”
  • “I like the lack of structure/agenda, with a menu to prompt if required.”
  • “An opportunity to meet new people and speak in a non-judgmental way.”
  • “Conversations flowed. I found out things I didn’t know.”


We will be returning to the Coffin Works for another Death Café soon, and are also working with other venues around Birmingham- so keep your eyes peeled!

For more information on Death Cafes visit their website

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