We believe that pricing for funerals should be clear and transparent: you should know what the cost will be beforehand, and what it includes. It should only include things that you need or have specifically requested.

We are committed to providing affordable and transparent funerals and have signed the Fair Funerals pledge .

Our fee for a simple funeral

Our fee outlined here is the cheapest price you can expect to pay us that would enable you to carry out the simplest kind of funeral (burial or cremation). Where you have other requirements we can provide additional products and services.

    Our basic fee covers the following:

    • We meet with you to discuss all your requirements and to get to know about the person you have lost.
    • We help you to complete all the paperwork you will need, and liaise with the relevant crematorium / burial ground to lodge the paperwork and book the chosen day
    • We can create a page on our website for you to share information about the funeral with friends and family.
    • We will collect the person who has died, wash and dress them and look after them at our mortuary facilities.
    • On the day of the funeral we will bring the person who has died (and up to two family members) in our white car to the funeral.
    • We can arrange to pick up and deliver the ashes to you within a 20 mile radius

    We include a simple standard sized coffin in our fee. Choose from either: locally made oak veneer, manila cardboard (or white £20 extra) or shroud.

    These coffins can be changed for an additional fee if you have another preference. You can see some other options on our Coffins Page.

    The following are not included in our fee

    Out-of-hours collection fee

    • Where collection of the body of the person who has died is urgent but falls out of normal working hours.

    Cremation related fees

    • Two doctors’ certificates: currently £164. There are instances where these are not required and the death has been referred to the coroner.
    • Crematorium fees. These can range from £500-800
    • Where ashes need to be sent out of town a courier fee will apply. This cost will not be applicable if you wish to collect the ashes yourself.

    Burial costs

    • Natural Burial fees start from £1000 depending on the location (this includes the cost of the plot and interment fee)
    • Fees for burial in a cemetery start from around £3230 in Birmingham (£1650 in Redditch) where a plot needs to be purchased. The price will be less if a plot has been pre-purchased. These prices will vary for residents and non-residents.

    Generally the fee for burial is split into plot, interment and the cost of any plaque / memorial. So even if you have pre-bought a plot interment fees will still apply.

    • If the grave is already in existence there will be a fee to remove and store the stone for up to 6 months while the ground settles. There may also be a re-fixing fee, on top of any additional engraving required.

    Our experience so far has shown that no two funerals are ever the same. There is always something slightly different that a family needs, whether it’s a particular type of coffin, hearse, musician, venue, or type of support from us, the list is endless.

    Link to additional products & services To provide an idea of the kinds of costs involved we have compiled a price list of the main additional products and services which we have been providing.

    We have also compiled a price list for some of the coffins and urns which are available. Our approach is to source products and services from a wide range of suppliers so that we can deliver the choice that you need. These lists therefore only represent a selection of the products we can provide so please don’t feel constrained by them – we can look to source anything you would like.

    Our fee for a Direct Cremation

    A direct cremation is a simple, respectful and inclusive way of arranging a cremation without a funeral. We take care of the practical aspects of the cremation and you and your family can remember your loved one at a time and place that suits you.

      The fee includes:

      • Collection from a hospital or mortuary during normal working hours*, and care of the person who has died until the day of the funeral, all paperwork
      • Cremation costs and transportation to the crematorium
      • A simple, locally made oak effect or cardboard coffin
      • A simple cremation urn (or choose another urn for additional fee)

      *Collection from a person’s home is possible for an additional fee, as is an out of hours collection. The fee in both instances will be £195.

      Ashes can be couriered to anywhere in the UK for an additional cost.

      We include a simple standard sized coffin in our fee. Choose from either: a wood effect coffin or brown manila cardboard.

      These coffins can be changed for an additional fee if you have another preference.

      The two doctors’ certificates are not included: currently £164.

      There are instances where these are not required and the death has been referred to the coroner.

      If collection of the person’s body is urgent then an out-of-hours collection fee may also apply.

      There is no service at the crematorium, and family do not attend.

      Although this is a low cost option, we work with the same amount of dignity and respect for the person who as died as with any other funeral that we arrange.

      The costs are kept low because we choose the date and time of the cremation, there is no funeral service at the crematorium and family will not be able to attend.