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Writing your Funeral Wishes

Making your funeral wishes known

Talking about your death with the people you love is hard, but even a simple conversation about your wishes can make all the difference for them when the time comes.

Most of us find it hard to think about what will happen when we die, but we know from conversations with many families that even the simplest conversation about your funeral wishes can make a hard time a little bit easier.


A simple solution

Download My Funeral WishesTo help you we have created a two page document that asks you questions about what you would like to happen when you die.

We’ve made it as simple as possible to complete, and it asks questions such as whether you’d like cremation or burial, whether you have a plan in place already and what music or type of service you’d like.

You may only care about the songs that are played, or whether you’re buried or cremated; in which case you can write “No Preference” in the other sections.

At the end you can sign it and ask a friend to witness your signature. You then simply give copies to the people who need to know, or leave it in a safe place for people to find when the time comes. The best option, if you can, is to discuss it also with the people who matter.

Here is the link to our “My Funeral Wishes” document

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