The BrumYODO collective

So who is the BrumYODO collective?

We’re a group of artists, undertakers, food artists, hospices, palliative care professionals and generally all-round interesting folk.

But first and foremost we’re residents of Birmingham.

We believe that there is such a thing as a good death – but it will only happen if we, the people demand it. We will only demand it if we understand what we need to demand, and we will only understand it if we talk about it.

Our aim is to help the people of Birmingham have more open and honest conversations about Death and Dying.

Feel free to join the collective:

Below is an example of some of the people and organisations who are part of the collective or who have donated their time or venues to support us. Whilst organisations are listed here everyone has given up their time or space for this as a volunteer and free of charge or at a very reduced rate.



Why is this website a part of A Natural Undertaking’s website? – we’re a pragmatic bunch – and as a group of individuals and volunteers we do not have the funds or the time to build a website at the moment – A Natural Undertaking have kindly offered to use their website to host the BrumYODO pages so that we may more easily share our information and events.