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Ann FletcherArrangements for the funeral of Ann Fletcher

Monday 10th July from 1pm at Cookhill Village Hall

Family and friends are gathering at Cookhill Village Hall to acknowledge Ann’s passing, and to celebrate her life.

A farewell service will take place at 2pm in the Village Hall, however everyone is invited to arrive from 1pm for tea/coffee and to help decorate Ann’s coffin.

After the service, at around 3pm, those that wish to will travel in convoy for the short distance from the village hall to Westall Park Natural Burial Ground. Here a few more words will be spoken before Ann is laid to rest.

The service and burial will be quite informal and will be wholly reflective of Ann. During the afternoon there will be an opportunity to share stories about Ann if you wish.

Below you will find directions and further information about the day.

Please share this link with anyone who may wish to know about the funeral.

And please feel free to send any messages to Ann’s family via the comments area below.

    Address: Cookhill Village Hall, Evesham Rd, Alcester, Worcs, B49 5JS

    A map can be found by clicking this link.

    Here’s a link to the Village Hall website

    Westall Park is one of the UK’s finest natural burial grounds and aims to create a place which those who wish to remember their loved ones will want to visit, not out of a sense of duty, but from the pleasure and peace of mind it can evoke. Westall Park has created an eco-friendly cemetery as a place for quiet reflection in an informal setting amongst trees, wild flowers and wildlife. Eventually it will become a woodland glade, full of nature where all wildlife is encouraged to thrive.

    Address: Holberrow Green, Nr Redditch, Worcestershire, B96 6JY

    A map can be found by clicking this link.

    After the burial at Westall Park you are all invited to party back at the Red Lion pub in Kings Heath.

    Address: Vicarage Rd, Birmingham B14 7LY

    A map can be found by clicking this link.

    Westall Park is a field which can get muddy, so suitable footwear is advisable. Equally in hot weather the long grass can hide flies and midges so fly spray can be useful, along with hats, sunglasses and sun cream.

    If it’s a very hot day you may wish to bring some water with you to drink.

    The dress code for the day is no black.

    Please wear whatever makes you feel comfortable, or simply wear clothes that remind you of your time spent with Ann.

    Ann’s family ask that if you bring flowers they are only a simple stem or posy picked from your own garden.

    If you would like to make a donation in Ann’s memory, we will be holding a collection on the day of the funeral for St Mary’s Hospice.


    on "Ann Fletcher"

    1. Reply
      Trishulananda Paul McMullen

      Dear SP,
      More than a friend, more than a Yoga Teacher, more than an activist for all that is fair and just. You connected yourself with something fundamental and powerful which helped to influence those of us who were fortunate enough to know you. Even with your passing I don’t feel seperate from you anymore. Still need help with my spelling though!

    2. Reply
      judy watchman

      Dear Swami Satyaprakash My heart hurts to hear of your passing. You connected with that which connects us all.
      The angels will rejoice to receive you
      Judy Watchman

    3. Reply

      A women full of love who I miss dearly. Until we meet again I remember all those laughs we shared in my heart. Xxxx
      Om tat sat xxxxx

    4. Reply
      Hilde Ravna Bjornstad

      Thank you for taking me under your wing. Showing the mind how to rest, the heart how to sing. So grateful I bow, sure part of a row. So many people became a part, living true to the heart. Thank you for turning on the light, now life is more like a wind and less of a fight.
      Much love, from Norway

    5. Reply

      Dear SP, I have been re-reading all your emails to me during the STTC, they are so precise, so perfectly accurate, and always with an underlying sense of humour. Thank you so much for giving me the chance to study with you, for sharing your knowledge, your time, your love, the twinkle in your eyes. I was very, very lucky. I wish you love and fun and peace and happiness in your journey onwards.
      Your River of Ommmmsssss, Surya/Rachael xxx

    6. Reply
      Priya Shakti

      Love and blessing, dear friend, and grateful thanks for your wisdom, your knowledge, your clarity, and your humour.

      Priya Shakti (Julie Friedeberger)

    7. Reply

      Dear SP,
      So it is your time – may your very being soar to the heights.
      So many memories, especially you reviewing my FCA, demonstrating the postures to me in the pub!
      You taught me to have a plan to my own practice – ever grateful for all the teachings and wisdom your shared with me and many others.
      Gentle threshold travels dear yogi.

    8. Reply
      Hari Om

      May a bevvy of swans fly you Nirvana.
      Miss you lots, thanks for all your efforts above and beyond the call of duty.
      What a great legacy of pukka yoga teachers and aspirants you have left behind, job done, with never a dull moment!
      BoomShankar Love Hari Om and all of us in Sheffield

    9. Reply
      Holly Timmermans

      Dear Family and Friends of Ann/Satyaprekash,
      What a fabulous Funeral to celebrate SP’s life and send her body back to earth and her soul to the realm of mystery and light. I honour all who made it happen, especially SP herself who’s careful pre management was so beautiful reflective of the unique being she was. Her wishes seemed to me lovingly carried out through all who came. Such bliss! Much Love and gratitude for Ann’s life and work with so many of us. X

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